LIS Specialist

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Job Description:

Full time LIS Specialist with a focus on assisting existing customers as well as implementing and training on new LIS instances for new customers. Assisting customers could involve troubleshooting connection issues with laboratory instrumentation as well as helping customers evaluate existing/new workflows to establish the most effective/efficient way of utilizing the LIS to achieve their goals. While this position is intended on being primarily customer centric, it will also include Quality Assurance testing on new upcoming feature releases, and discussing potential features for future releases with the development teams.

Who we are looking for:

  • A technically savy individual interested in working for small specialized support team for a growing, vital division of a large company.
  • A people person – Someone interested in people and their needs in laboratory work. We work with new and experienced lab teams, and every one of them have different needs and wants. We want to know how we can help them achieve their goals. Sometimes thats with our software solutions, and sometimes it is not (if it isn’t then thats our job to fix that not theirs). But we want to help our customers!
  • A person who values knowledge and learning. There are always new challenges that you may have never encountered before, but there are experts throughout the company as a whole who specialize in every aspect of a laboratory (from certification to operation and from service to application. Theres always a resource to work with internally as well as partners externally)
  • Someone interested in development. You may not be a developer, but we have a team of developers who want to know what our software needs after you interaction with customers. We will never settle for stale.

What we offer:

  • A remote working position. We have a few office locations in the United States (PA, TX, and AL) so if you are close to one of those locations then we can look at you working in an office space, but while we are fond of the in-office work, COVID has certainly made remote work trendy anyways so we see no harm in that for this particular position if need be.
  • A long-term career with a growing company.
  • 8 Holidays, 40 Hrs Sick, 40 Hrs Vacation
  • 401k with match
  • Health Insurance

Skills and qualifications needed:

  • In depth knowledge/experience of Laboratory Information Systems and how they typically work
  • Technical experience with both the analyzers and their communications methods with the LIS with at least 2 of the following (Bonus points if you are familiar with all of them): Olympus AU Series Instrument (400/640/480/680/2700/5400/5800) ; Indiko Plus ; Quant Studio 5 (Any model is probably fine, but we work primarily with the 5s) ; Sciex LCMS Systems (Good if you are also familiar with Agilent or Waters)
  • Good understanding of laboratory workflows
  • Great customer service experience
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Tools (Excel, Word, Etc)

Side Note: We have an “HL7 Integration Engineer” position posted as well right now so if you have HL7 experience, make sure you mention it.

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